19 Positive Money Affirmations Towards Financial Abundance

Definition of Money Affirmations

Money affirmations are straightforward positive phrases about you that can aid in focusing your mind towards your financial wellbeing.

At first, you may not accept and trust these affirmations, and you might come back to your usual mindset. That’s normal. The thought is to repeat all the wealth affirmations, and as you repeat these affirmations, you begin to internalize them as part of your truth and reality.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that we have the power to attract whatever we put our mind to and focus on. Whatever you might have in your mind will eventually come true. Therefore, positive attracts positivity and vice versa.

Bear in mind: Money affirmation isn’t just about having wealth or more money. This is about modifying your mindset to equip you towards financial abundance better.

Does Money Affirmation Work?

Yes! It works on both conscious and subconscious levels. It may feel strange at first to repeat these phrases most especially if you’re not accustomed to talking to yourself in any staged way. Moreover, positive reinforcement begins to stick to a subconscious level by doing this to yourself. Do it regularly, then your thought process will start to change, and affirmations will start to work.

How Do You Use Money Affirmations?

Consistently repeat these money affirmations, either daily or when you have an intense set of emotions (anxious and stressed). Do all these money affirmations in times of trials and tribulations and in times of prosperity. Here’s how you can simply take control over your thoughts and mindset.

19 Powerful Money Affirmations That Can Change Your Mindset

You can practice these affirmations and say them aloud and to yourself at your own pace.

  1. My net worth is not my self-worth and I am in control of my financial well-being and wellness.
  2. I am at peace with my financial portfolio.
  3. I have all the money/cash I need.
  4. My money goes to what I value.
  5. I deserve the money that I earn.
  6. I am a great giver of financial gifts.
  7. My money works hard for me.
  8. I am a great receiver of financial gifts.
  9. My actions create prosperity.
  10. I visualize financial peace.
  11. I am financially confident.
  12. My life is filled with riches, wealth, and fortune.
  13. I am financial power.
  14. My prosperity and fortune are limitless.
  15. I use the money to improve the lives of others.
  16. I have a healthy relationship with my money.
  17. The money I earn and spend makes me happy.
  18. I release my fears around money.
  19. I am intentionally building wealth. It is a process.

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