4 Ways to Activate Your Blue Sapphire’s Power

As mentioned in our previous article, sapphire is connected with the monarchy and it is thought to attract prosperity, blessings, and presents. Today, we will be teaching you how to activate it. The Bagua is a feng shui tool that helps us to see the links between your physical location and your life. Placing sapphire in a certain location of the feng shui Bagua map is one technique to deal with sapphire and feng shui. It’s an energetic map that’s superimposed over a house, with different sections representing various parts of life.

Activate Your Wealth Center (Xun)

In Chinese, the wealthy corner of your home, known as Xun, is associated with richness and success. The blue sapphire is associated with riches and abundance. The far left corner of your home is your wealth area if you stand in front of it and look inside. The addition of the gemstone blue sapphire here can help you achieve your goal of attracting more money and blessings into your life.

Activate Your Center for New Beginnings

In feng shui, the color blue is associated with the element of wood and enriched new beginnings. If you want to start anew in life or if you want to make a change in your life, this is a terrific hue to work with. A bluestone, such as sapphire, can be placed anyplace in your home to promote this aim.

Activate Your Knowledge Center (Gen)

You may locate this section of your home by standing at the front entrance and peering inside. The Knowledge area is located in the far left corner of your screen. The gen area according to the Bagua map is related to self-cultivation and wisdom. It’s also associated with dexterity and spiritual growth, and it’s symbolized by the color dark blue. If you want to expand your knowledge, develop new talents, or improve your spiritual practice, place a piece of sapphire gemstone (royal blue) in your home’s Knowledge section.

Use Sapphire as a Jewelry or Accessory

You may work with the feng shui of your body as well as the feng shui of your home. This has the potential to change your personal feng shui energy. Wearing a stone on your body is an excellent method to work with its energy. Because blue sapphire is associated with the throat chakra, you may wish to wear a blue sapphire necklace to help you express yourself. Sapphire jewelry has traditionally been worn as a protective amulet against evil and harm, therefore you may wish to consider wearing sapphire jewelry as a protective amulet. Sapphire is a long-lasting choice for jewelry, almost as durable as a diamond, which is why it’s preferred for rings.

Activate Your Meditation Center

In order to find your meditation center, you can create an altar here with a few personal objects, such as a blue sapphire stone if that is something that appeals to you. The addition of a pillow, cushion, or blanket to sit on during meditation is an easy method to achieve this. You can also make an altar here with a few personal objects, such as a blue sapphire stone if that is something that appeals to you. You might wish to include blue sapphire in your meditation space because of its associations with knowledge and soothing the mind. This is also an excellent time to build a dedicated meditation place if you don’t already have one. It doesn’t need to be something extravagant. If you have the space, it can be an entire room, or just a corner of your living room, or the edge of your bed. If you can, find a way to separate your meditation place from the rest of your home.

There you have it stay tuned for more tips and articles!

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