Activate The Power of Different Types of Crystal Trees

When it comes to selecting a gem tree for your home, our best suggestion is to go with the one that appeals to you the most. Here are a few of our favorites if you’re not sure what that is:


You can also put your citrine gem tree in the Tai qi, which is the center of the feng shui Bagua. This part of the Bagua represents your total health, and because it’s at the center, it has an impact on everything else in your life. Citrine is warm, uplifting energy that can be used in the middle of your home.

Because citrine crystals are linked to the energy of abundance, a citrine gem tree is another fantastic alternative for the Wealth (Xun position) or your home office. Xun represents your sentiments of affluence and self-worth in addition to material wealth. Citrine in the Xun position can help you feel more confident, optimistic, and powerful by promoting confidence, optimism, and personal power.


In the Wealth corner of the feng shui Bagua, called Xun in Chinese, you might also want to plant an amethyst gem tree. Because Xun is associated with the color purple, the purple tint of amethyst lends itself nicely to this area. Because amethyst is associated with prosperity and abundance, you might wish to keep it in your office to help you have a successful job.

Amethyst is a popular meditation stone because it helps to relax the mind and promote attention. It also aids in the development of intuition and a spiritual connection. As a result, an amethyst gem tree might be a great addition to your meditation space. The calming properties of amethyst make it an excellent choice for a bedroom if you wish to create a tranquil, restful atmosphere.

Black Tourmaline

In feng shui, black is linked to the water element, which is associated with depth and wisdom, as well as how you interact with your social circle. Try placing a black tourmaline gem tree anywhere in your home to bring more water element traits into your life.

Place a black tourmaline gem tree outside your front door if you want to invite more protection. Black tourmaline is a particularly defensive stone that can assist in the creation of an energetic barrier to negative energy.


Pearls also have a lovely story to tell about how they came to be. When a little piece of detritus makes its way into an oyster, it produces a pearl. There would be no pearl if that irritation didn’t exist.

Because metal is portrayed both through round shapes and the color white, pearls can evoke the metal element. If you wish to cultivate more metal element attributes in your life, such as accuracy, joy, and beauty, a pearl gem tree might be for you.


In the New Beginnings region of the feng shui Bagua, called Zhen, a green jade gem tree could be extremely beneficial. This area is associated with family, springtime, and the element of wood. You can also put it in Xun, the Wealth corner, to attract wealth and abundance.

In East Asian civilizations, jade is a highly prized stone that is frequently used to invoke protection, well-being, and longevity. While jade comes in a variety of colors, green jade is the most well-known. Green is associated with the wood element in feng shui, therefore a jade gem tree would be a good addition to your home to bring in additional wood element attributes.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a gentle, calming vibration that is frequently used to heal the heart or attract a loving relationship. A rose quartz gem tree can be a wonderful addition to the Kun (Relationships) section of the Bagua. It’s also a good idea to put it in your bedroom to encourage emotional renewal and love.

How to Look After a Gem Tree

Because gem trees include crystals, they should be energetically cleansed on a regular basis. This can be accomplished by exposing the tree to direct sunshine for several hours. Sunlight offers a brilliant, clarifying yang energy that can assist in the removal of any stuck or stagnant energy that your tree has accumulated over time.

Your gem tree, like any other feng shui object, requires attention. This entails cleaning it on a regular basis and ensuring that it is not ignored. Because of the design of gem trees, they can collect a lot of dust, so you’ll want to check on them frequently and brush away any dust that has accumulated. Stay tuned for more!

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