Astrology 101: The Meaning of Planets – Part 1

The essential ideas of astrology are simple: a birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the time of your birth, revealing the exact location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied as you entered the world, as well as the constellations they occupied as you entered the world. All of the planets are in the same constellation in some birth charts, while others are spread out throughout the sky. Because each of these planets has its unique celestial purpose, the distance between them is crucial. Let’s take a peek at each of the major constellations in the sky.

The symbolism of the Sun

They’re asking about the location of the sun at your time of birth when someone asks you what your sign is, whether or not they know it. Our essence is represented by the sun. Our ego, sense of self, basic personality, and general preferences are represented by this colorful celestial body. The sun rules Leo, the lively, powerful fire sign that emits luck, fortune, and courage. A zodiac sign’s transit — or movement across — takes about a month.

The symbolism of the Moon

The gravitational force exerted by the moon controls the weather and tides in the oceans. The moon is a symbol of our emotional inner life in astrology. The moon, on the other hand, represents everything that lies beneath the surface of our experience. It signifies our most secret selves’ spiritual retreat. Cancer, the sensitive, protective water sign that represents prosperity, wealth, nurture, comfort, and security, is ruled by it. It takes around two and a half days for the moon to transit a zodiac sign, making it the fastest moving celestial body in the sky.

The symbolism of Planet Mercury

Mercury, the solar system’s smallest and most interior planet, is named after a Roman divinity who acted as a god’s messenger. It is a symbol of communication in astrology. This planet reflects reasoning and rationality, whereas the moon depicts our emotions. Mercury analyzes, sorts, and categorizes complicated ideas with its sharp intellect and unrelenting curiosity, allowing us to synthesize and communicate them. It rules both the air sign Gemini and the earth sign Virgo, each of which represents a different aspect of

Mercury’s personality: Gemini is the output sign, while Virgo is the input sign. Mercury transits a zodiac sign for 13 or 14 days and turns retrograde three or four times a year. The iconic retrograde of this planet causes communication problems, travel delays, and other relationship inconsistencies.

The symbolism of Planet Venus

Venus, the colorful planet that signifies beauty, love, and abundance, is named after the lovely Roman goddess. Venus is happiest when she indulges in fine wines, long baths, and scented moisturizers, all of which are in harmony with the Venusian spirit. Our passion is art and culture is reflected in this planet’s highbrow preferences, while our romantic senses indicate our romanticized view of love. Venus rules both the earth sign Taurus and the air sign Libra, each representing a different aspect of Venus’ personality: sensual Taurus is physical, flirtatious Libra is cerebral. Every 18 months, a zodiac sign goes retrograde and transits for four to five weeks. Avoid dramatic alterations to physical appearance is most common during Venus retrograde.

It’s important to know what zodiac sign you hold to know what planet you gravitate to. Now, do you know what planet symbolizes you? Stay tuned for part 2.

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