Astrology 101: The Meaning of Planets – Part 2

Knowing your symbolic planet is crucial, last time we’ve talked about the sun, moon, mercury, and venus. Now we will be continuing our topic about other planets and their meanings.

The symbolism of Planet Mars

Mars (the Red Planet) is also known as the warrior of the zodiacs. Mars is named after the Roman god of war, represents aggression, persistence, drive, determination, and action. When we’re racing to reach a deadline, rushing to catch a flight, or fighting for a coveted position, it’s easy to see how passionate it is. Mars is the spark that ignites our asses and gives us the adrenaline rush we need to move on. It also represents our lust and love for the physical world. Aries, the impetuous fire sign famed for its high-octane vivacity, is ruled by this planet. Every two years, Mars transits a zodiac sign for six to seven weeks and goes retrograde. We may have difficulty standing up for ourselves or lack motivation in the bedroom if it turns retrograde.

The symbolism of Planet Jupiter

Jupiter — also known as Zeus in Greek mythology — is the solar system’s largest planet, with a massive presence. Jupiter, the lucky planet, is a symbol of good fortune, wisdom, prosperity, and spirituality. Through philosophy, spirituality, and education, this wonderful planet encourages us to enlarge our horizons and expand our scope. It governs Sagittarius, a fiery sign that is noted for its thrill-seeking nature. Jupiter transits a zodiac sign for about 12 to 13 months and goes retrograde for about 120 days each year. Its retrograde period is frequently a period of philosophical development.

The symbolism of Planet Saturn

Time, constraints, and restrictions are all related to Saturn but patience is key. Saturn represents hard labor, professional accomplishments, and unwavering perseverance on a good day. We must learn via strong love and severe difficulties on bad days, but it can be harsh and unemotional on good days. Saturn has our best interests in mind, despite its peculiar manner of expressing its adoration. It wants us to follow the rules. Saturn transits Capricorn, the entrepreneurial earth sign noted for its unrelenting desire, for about two and a half years each time. Each year, for around 140 days, it goes retrograde. Life may feel more restricted during the retrograde of Saturn, and we may have to work harder to get ideas off the ground.

The symbolism of Planet Uranus

Pluto is still a major issue by astrological standards, even though it doesn’t meet the scientific definition of a planet. It is a symbol of strength, transformation, destruction, and rebirth. Pluto’s strength is rooted in darkness and is named after the Roman deity of the underworld (“Hades” in Greek mythology). This enticing planet slithers in and out of complex systems, quietly altering them from the inside out. We must release the past to generate change, as Pluto tells us. It is related to Scorpio, a mysterious water sign that is characterized by its enigmatic nature.

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