Feng Shui at Home: Symbolism of the Lady Bug

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique that teaches you how to toil with the energy of your surroundings to improve your life’s flow. Feng Shui practice originated in China, but it is now studied all around the world, therefore the modality naturally extends beyond Chinese symbols. Even though it is not a traditional image, the lucky ladybug emblem can be used to apply feng shui principles.

In many cultures around the world, ladybugs are recognized as a symbol of great fortune and pleasure. You may have fond memories of these wonderful creatures from your youth. When a small solitary ladybug chose to settle on you as a reminder of your own unique and distinct place in the world, it seemed so serendipitous. We recognize symbols from nature as significant teachers for us in feng shui techniques. Learn what ladybugs represent and how you may use them to improve your home’s Feng Shui.

The Ladybug’s Symbolic Meaning

Beetles, such as ladybugs, are a type of insect. They have a firm, spherical, dome-shaped shell that is brilliant red (or orange) with black markings. They are generally safe to humans and are beneficial plants and farm crops, feasting on aphids and other plant-infesting insects. As a result, they are thought to be beneficial to both plants and farmers.

Around the world, ladybugs are seen as harbingers of good fortune and success. Children and adults alike are ecstatic to discover them. When you do locate one, it’s almost as if the small ladybug has come to greet you.

Correlation of Ladybugs and Feng Shui

Red is the luckiest color Pantone in feng shui. It has something to do with the energy of the fire element, which is one of the five elements. Fire is associated with vitality and expansion, as well as attracting positive qi (chi) or life force energy. The vibrancy of red and fire energy leaps out. Similarly, the ladybug’s picture presents a stark contrast to most of the colors we see in our surroundings.

In feng shui, a color is a key tool for revealing the energy properties of symbols. The ladybug’s brilliant red (or orange) color and black dots make it stick out.

Bringing red into a location can welcome lively and lucrative energy, according to feng shui. These characteristics also apply to ladybugs that are flaming orange in color. Red is also a protective color, which corresponds to ladybugs’ ability to defend plants and farm crops from pests.

The ladybug’s color also includes black. The ladybug’s appearance is distinguished by the black dots on the red shell. The color black is associated with the water element in feng shui color theory. The water element is associated with knowledge, elegance, and flowing energy, while the black water energy helps to cool the scorching red qi (chi) stay tuned for more!

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