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Sales is a promising yet challenging career path because of its nature as a performance and outcome-based career. To put it simply, the more a person sells, they will receive more incentives and bonuses are set out for them. 

Sales require a person to be competitive and don’t settle for less. If you have what it takes to be a salesperson, you are set out for success.

Did you know that being a salesperson is innate to every one of us?

For example, when you work for an institution or a company and interact or reach out with personnel outside your company, you represent your organization. When you converse and pitch your company, you are a salesperson of your company, regardless of your position. It’s just a matter of perspective.

Regardless of what industry an organization does for business, sales are the core of success. That’s why in an organization, there is a sales team. The sales team seizes opportunity in every perspective. That’s why a degree in sales is exceptionally crucial.

Point #1: But where can you learn sales?

As we mentioned, sales are innate in us, and you just need to hone and nurture it to know who to sell to, when to sell, and where to sell. Remember, every opportunity is a window to sell. 

Point #2: You can learn sales online

There are a lot of online free resources where you can learn sales, how to pitch to prospective people, and the dos and don’ts.

Point #3: Sales Practice makes perfect

Sales skills require a lot of practice, strategy, and techniques. Not all size fits all, and it requires a different approach to your target market.

Point #4: Research is fundamental!

Know and research your target market. It is essential to know who you want to sell to know your strategy and other stuff to consider.

According to Daniel Pink, who belongs to the 20 most-viewed TED Talks, said every single person who converses and interacts with other people is strongly involved in sales, “All of you are likely spending more time than you realize selling in a broader sense—pitching colleagues, persuading funders, cajoling kids. Like it or not, we’re all in sales now.”

Did you know salespeople earn 6 to 7-digits a year, making them extra wealthy? That’s true.

Sales Practices We Don’t Know We Do Daily

Example #1: Dating 

The initial phase of dating is selling yourself towards your prospective partner. You lay out all the best things you can offer on the table and how you will impact their lives. It’s like sales. You lay out all the benefits of the product you provide and how their purchase will affect their lives. 

Example #2: Work 

In a work setting, when your boss asks you to do a project in a work setting, and you prepare. Present ideas, and in the latter, sell those ideas to your boss. If we look at it differently, it’s like a sales pitch. You defend and justify why and how shall people buy your product and how it will benefit their lives.

In another example, if you want to be promoted or have a higher compensation, you also have to sell yourself. You have to pitch why you should be promoted to a higher position or have a higher salary.

Example #3: At Home

As parents, you need to impose authority and convince your kids they need to do what you’re telling them to do. “Do it because I say so” is a feeble reason for them to follow you. You have to pitch an idea and say that those actions have questions.

In our next topic, we will be talking about the five benefits of sales and the types of salespersons. So stay tuned for more.

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