How Feng Shui Helps For Wealth & Bringing Prosperity at Home – Part 2

As we’ve mentioned in part one, Feng Shui was devised as a way of bringing the constructed and natural worlds into balance. When we incorporate it in our home it brings uplifting, prosperous, and wonderful energy that could attract wealth and negate bad energy. 

Now we will be talking about other tips that we can do according to Feng Shui to bring wealth and prosperity to our home.

Citrine Crystals should be added to the wealth area at your home

Once you locate your wealth area you can place your Citrine Crystals there to activate it, or on your desk to attract additional possibilities for money and abundance in your career.

Citrine is frequently used to attract abundance and opportunity, as well as to boost confidence and optimism. It’s crucial to consider how you feel about yourself when working with abundance. Developing a sense of self-worth and confidence will also help you achieve your financial goals.

Include an Orange Bowl in your daily diet and decor

Oranges are a sign of good fortune and wealth in Chinese culture. Oranges also have yang energy that is lively and energizing. Yang energy, like the midday sun, is brilliant and life-affirming. Keeping a bowl of fresh oranges on your kitchen counter can be a simple and effective approach to promote more wealth and abundance in your house and life since the aroma and color of oranges can greatly elevate and enliven a place.

Construct Wealth Fountains to attract wealth and prosperity

A water fountain represents the water element, which is connected with riches. A water fountain near your home’s entryway promotes abundance to flow in from the outside. Water should ideally flow upward or toward the inside of your home, rather than downward or away from it.

It’s also crucial to keep your fountain clean and ensure that it doesn’t run dry. A fountain that is not adequately maintained will not have the same beneficial energetic benefits as one that is.

Start Collecting Chinese Coins

It’s better to find authentic or real antique copper coins if you want to utilize Chinese money as a decoration in your home. If you can’t find these, go for the highest-quality copies you can find, which are usually made of gold or jade.

According to Feng Shui experts, Chinese coins are another symbol of good fortune and happiness. They are associated with prosperity and wealth since they were utilized as currency in ancient China. Typically, clusters of coins are strung together and placed on the wall with red or yellow ribbon. In feng shui, the colors red and yellow are both fortunate; red also denotes vitality and protection, while yellow is linked with the royal palace.

There you have it, stay tuned for more!

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