How To Activate The Aquamarine Blessing

The placement of aquamarine in a certain section of the Bagua map in Feng Shui is one approach to deal with it. The Bagua is referred to as an energetic map that feng shui practitioners use and place over a space to help us perceive more connections between your home and anything else is going on in your life.

Activation of the Xun (Wealth Corner)

Xun is known to bring both financial wealth and abundance, as well as how we value ourselves. By placing an aquamarine crystal in your home’s wealth corner to love and compassionately care for yourself while also releasing any judgments you may have about yourself. You can also make the intention to let go of any old habits that are holding you back when it comes to self-love or abundance, so that new, helpful attitudes and actions can take their place.

The wealth corner is known as the Xun section of the Bagua map. The riches area is located at the far left corner of the house when looking in from the entrance door. The wood element is associated with this point on the Bagua map.

Activation of the Kun (Love Corner)

If you want to promote tenderness and compassion in your interactions, aquamarine would be a perfect fit in this corner. If you want to tap your yin (receptive side) or invite love communication into this area of your life, place aquamarine there. You could want to create an intention for how you wish to communicate with yourself because Kun is linked to your relationship with yourself.

Kun, the love corner, is associated with marriage and partnerships. When gazing into your home from the front door, the Kun area is the farthest corner on the right side. If you wish to attract a partner, try energizing this section of your home.

Activate Your Area for Meditation

The aquamarine energy would help the region of your home that you utilize as a meditation location. To help open your mind to higher levels of consciousness and spiritual awareness, as well as nurture courage and inner power, you can meditate with a piece (or have one on your meditation altar).

Energy from Wood

The blue-green color of aquamarine brilliantly embodies the spirit of the wood. New starts in life and beginnings, healing, and expansion are all associated with the wood element. You can display aquamarine in your home to help you start a new chapter of growth and happiness in your life.

Crystals for cleansing and charging

Because crystals absorb energy, it’s important to wash and charge them on a regular basis. You may cleanse your crystals in a variety of methods. To get you started, here are a few:

  • Use a purifying herb like palo santo to cleanse your aquamarine.
  • Visualize a bright light filling and encircling your aquamarine crystal, to clear of any bad and negative energy.
  • Soak your crystal in salt water for at least 24 hours (or longer). Given its relationship to the sea, this is an exceptionally effective approach to detoxify aquamarine.

It’s also a good idea to charge your crystal. Because aquamarine is related to the moon, place it somewhere where it may collect moonlight overnight, such as on a windowsill. During a new or full moon, the charge will be especially strong. Stay tuned for more!

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