How To Activate The Turquoise Blessing at Home

Turquoise isn’t just color in Feng Shui, it is a symbol of benevolence, healing, and growth, and to activate it you must remember the following regimens and uses.

Use the Wood Element

We deal with the five elements in feng shui: earth, wood, metal, fire, and water. Each of these components represents distinct qualities and forms of energy, and we frequently add one to a home to bring greater balance and stimulate the traits of that element.

The hues blue, green, and teal represent the wood element, which is associated with benevolence, growth, and healing. Adding blue or green gems, such as turquoise, to your home is one approach to stimulate wood energy. Set an intention for a piece of turquoise to bring wood element traits into your life when you install it in your home.

Use Turquoise in your New Beginning Space

The New Beginnings portion of the feng shui Bagua map is related to the wood element and is named Zhen in Chinese. If you need help starting a new project, you might wish to turn on this feature. 

One common technique to activate this area is to place blue and green stones, such as turquoise, in it. When we start something new, we often need to let go of any old patterns that are getting in the way, and turquoise’s capacity to remove negativity and obstacles can be particularly helpful in this regard.

Use Turquoise in your Meditation Space

Turquoise is an excellent meditation stone since it helps to balance emotions. It has a relaxing influence and also assists us in remaining grounded on the ground during spiritual practices. Place a piece of turquoise in the area of your home where you meditate, and connect to it every day as you commence your practice.

Use Turquoise in your Home Office

Different portions of your home symbolize different facets of your life in feng shui, and your office is linked to your job. The grounding, relaxing aura of turquoise can be a useful addition to a home office to help you stay focused. The potential of turquoise to improve communication and creativity can also be beneficial, thus keeping a small piece of turquoise stone, placed in your home office can help invite qualities to your work.

Invite Calmness through the use of Turquoise

The only space in your house where you want to feel the most relaxed and calm is your bedroom. It’s vital to have a room where you can truly unwind, especially if you work from home or have children or other family members who frequently require your energy at home.

There you have it, do all these practices and you shall be inviting benevolence, healing, and financial growth to your home. Stay tuned for more!

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