How To Become A Millionaire: Step by Step

Today, we will teach you one of the most profound concepts that we’ve researched that has helped a lot of people become a millionaire at the age of 27 and a multi-millionaire by the age of 30. 

Now, you may not realize this, but one of the most toxic concepts and one of the most poisonous ideas you’ve been exposed to is that somehow if you make money in a brief period, some of you make money quickly, it is a bad idea. You heard of the term get rich, quick, somehow in our society that we believe if you make your money, or if you build wealth, quickly, it must be something shady, you must be doing something illegal, it must be a scam, right? It gets rich quick, oh, that’s a bad idea. 

Wealth is measured more in time than in just money. Let’s say you make $25,000 a year and earn $1 million. Now, it’s $1 million. You’ve made a million dollars. The question is, Are you rich? No, why not?

Because it took you 40 years to accumulate a million dollars to make a million dollars, now let’s look at a different scenario. Let’s say you still make a million dollars. But instead of taking you 40 years, you make that same million dollars within 12 months, within one year. Now. Are you rich? Yes, now you are a millionaire? What is the difference? It’s the same $1 million. The only difference is the time it takes for you to make it. And the cool thing is this, when you make your money in a relatively short time, guess what, now you have more time to enjoy it, instead of waiting for 65 years old, then you may want your money for ten years. That’s the only difference. That’s why wealth is not measured in how much money you make. It’s how fast you make that money. 

Now, what if you make a million dollars a month? Let’s think more significantly, a million dollars a month, the person who makes a million dollars a month is 12 times richer than the person who makes a million dollars a year. And they are more affluent than the person, 480 times richer than a person who makes $25,000 for 40 years. That’s the difference. And that’s why rich people value time more than they love money. Poor people value money more than they value time. And that’s why if there’s something with my family, an oil change, or “I got to do something” or fix the car, “I’m not going to do it because it’s not worth my time.”

My time is much more valuable. “I have other activities that I could do that could bring in more money.” 

Start valuing your time. Do you want to make it quick or slow? Do you even have time to make it? If you’re serious about making it faster, not the traditional path, but how do you make it more quickly? If you want to know how millionaires stay tuned for more!

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