How To Utilize Your Pixiu?

Pixiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a mythical animal from Chinese culture. The Pixiu symbolizes luck for wealth, good fortune, and protection. If you have an innate attraction to Chinese decorations, the Pixiu would be a perfect and unique addition to your home decoration, and to top it off, it can also be used as a powerful feng shui object.

What Is a Pixiu?

If you visit China, you may come across beautiful and majestic statues of the Pixiu on the front that serves as guards. The Pixiu’s depiction is a hybrid creature, and its appearance may vary depending on the region or era it was created. In its appearance, they are depicted with a dragon’s head on a lion or dog-like body. Often, they have wings or a horn. Sometimes, they are described as sitting stern like a dog, and they appear pretty stable and maybe even a little plump.

The Pixiu’s Story

Different Chinese legendary stories shroud the mystery of the Pixiu. Legend has it that it was the youngest of the nine children born of the legendary Dragon King. 

According to legends, the Pixiu visited the Jade Emperor on one occasion, but it defecated all over the palace. As a result, the Jade emperor sealed the Pixiu’s bottom, and it could no longer do such a thing, and the incident would not happen again. Legend has it that it eats valuable jewels, silver, and gold, but it’s never capable of excreting because of its sealed bottom. 

Since then, it has become a symbol of abundance and wealth because it consumes fortune but never liberates them. Furthermore, the Pixiu can receive and hold wealth and means for its owner.

How To Utilize Pixiu for Feng Shui

Different Types of Pixiu

Pixiu’s can be made from brass, jade, or other types of semi-precious stone statues as it is intertwined with wealth and prosperity. Brass can bring about the metallic element and is the color of gold. Jade symbolizes healing in feng shui, and it’s also the color of the wood element, which promotes growth and life force energy.

Benefits of The Pixiu

Serves as Protectors

In Ancient History, the Chinese put the Pixiu statues to serve as guardians for temples and palaces. In the modern-day, Pixiu’s are used in the home to bring in more wealth and protect households. A pair of Pixiu’s on either side of the front of the house can be placed to keep the home inhabitants safe, financially abundant, and stable. 

Booster of Wealth

You can strategically put the Pixiu in the area where your income is coming from, especially in businesses. It should be facing toward the entrance to attract and protect wealth and money for your family symbolically. You can place it in the front door, and the far left corner of the home is the corner related to your prosperity and wealth. 

Adds Success for Your Desk

You can also put the Pixiu on your desk. As it is said in feng shui, your desk or workspace represents your career. The representation of the Pixiu would be a supplementing way to increase the feng shui of your job to attract more prosperity and good luck.

Wear Pixiu Amulets, Necklaces, or Bracelets to Enhance Your Qi

You can also use small pendant-like Pixiu’s as bracelets, amulets, or necklaces. You can use the Pixiu amulet to harness the good luck, wealth, fortune, and symbolism of the Pixiu. 

How To Take Care Of Your Pixiu

If you pick the Pixiu symbol into your home, be sure to utilize it and take care of it well, like your favorite pet. You can even give love and pet it on the head as you pass. Always polish it, keep it dust-free and squeaky clean.

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