How To Win The Lottery Real Quick?

The lottery is a one-in-a-million game of luck, but did you know some people beat that odds and win multiple times? Today, we will be giving out some tips that may help you increase your chance of winning.

These ten simple tips may increase your chance of winning the lottery, and these tips are from a man who won the lottery seven times!

1. Buy more tickets to increase the probability of winning. However, you may spend more because you’ll buy more and your prize may not compensate your ticket investment, at the end of the day that’ll ensure your win. 

2. Form a lottery circle to gather prize money from other lottery players. This passage means you can get more tickets and lottery numbers from your lottery circle and have a better chance of hitting the jackpot. The only issue is you have to split the number of people you have in the team of lottery experts.

3. Consecutive numbers are a no-no. For example, if you bet on a lottery number with a five winning number combination, you, therefore, have to choose numbers until fifty-five. Studies have shown that 70% of lottery jackpot wins have sums that fall in this range (104-176 range of total sum).  

4. Don’t choose a digit that falls in the same number group or ends with a similar digit. Although there is a probability that you may win, the chances are meager. (ex. 6, 16…)

5. Other lottery games are a sure ball. Famous lottery games have high statistical win rates. This concept is that more people will play the lottery game, your chances of winning are thinning down. Thus, less popular, more chances of winning.

6. Few players = High chances of winning. You may try less popular lotteries though, the jackpot prize is small, but the odds of winning are higher. 

7.  Pick a lotto number combination from your birthday, your age, or the birthday of your family member, or their age. You will usually get more digits ranging from 1 to 31. If you pick a number above 31, though this may not increase the probability of you winning, it can increase the likelihood of winning solely.

8. Draw a frequency tab. We mean by this is to list all the winning combinations and pick the most frequent digit that is always consistently drawn. You can do this by removing a frequency tab

9. Take care of your number. Always take care of your number. When we say take care, always be consistent in betting the number combinations you kept because you don’t know whether your winning time is tomorrow.

There you have it! Follow all these simple tips to increase your probability of winning the lottery. Stay tuned for more!

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