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27-year old Alex Fasulo, who previously worked at a Fortune 500 company, now earns 378,000 dollars per year. Astounding, isn’t it? 

She quit her corporate job without any backup plan in mind, and she was frightened because she didn’t have much left in her bank account to sustain her expenses. 

What did she do?

She grabbed her laptop, opened her browser, and looked for a freelancing job online. Since she was a great writer by nature and had a background in it, she seized the opportunity to apply for any writing position. Even though she already got a client and started working again, she still has this fear inside her – she fears instability and the unknown.

At first, she charged clients a bit small, ranging 15$ per gig. Now, she sets a hefty 1000$ for a 10,000-word e-book and other written pieces. Her mindset was, “What if I can earn more?”. Even though she started slow, she was slow and steady.

Despite the slow start, she still pushed through. She started small, and somewhere along the way, she built her portfolio and grew more prominent until she ranked second on Fiverr’s top freelancers. 

Did you know, in 2017, she earned 63,044 dollars? The following year she made a whopping 273,334 dollars. In 2019, she earned 350,865 dollars. 

Then the pandemic happened.

Alex saw this as an opportunity to grow larger as businesses shifted online, and by 2020 she earned an astonishing amount of 378,123 dollars. From her 36,000 dollar salary from a corporate job, she now makes ten times her old salary.

Alex pays herself first. She prioritized her well-being on top of anything else.

Having all the wealth, she has now invested and diversified into other substantial investments such as real estate.

What can we learn from Alex?

#1: When Your Gut Tells You To Move, Leave, or Quit, Do It.

Alex doesn’t have any backup plan, but her gut told her to leave her financially unfulfilling career, and it paid off. All it took was courage, talent, and hard work. Always remember to trust your gut feel. It will not fail you.

#2: Your Mindset Is Your Stability

Alex kept her faith. She believed in her craft. She had a powerful mindset that never fazed or shaken by any trials and tribulations life throws at her. Alex worked through all the struggles and built her portfolio to strengthen her freelancing career.

#3: Learn To Prioritize Your Well-being

Never forget to pay yourself first. Alex paid her dues, health insurance, and whatever’s left, she spent it on herself. Always remember to treat yourself, value your health and well-being.

#4: Freelancing is a Career

All of us are talented, even you, our dear reader. All you have to do is believe and find a career where you can flourish, have fun, and earn. In her case, freelancing was her glorious path. 

#5: Diversify Your Wealth

Alex did not let her money sit in the bank, she invested in real estate, and it paid off instantly. As all wealthy people said, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket,” meaning do not put all your wealth in one investment.

Having to earn 378K per year, she remains grounded and humble.

If she can make six figures a year writing, you can make this kind of money doing anything else too. Anything is possible. Let this be an inspiration for you!

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