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The Holy Spirit Is The Power of God

His function is to heal, comfort, bless and bring good news to those who seek Him. The Holy Spirit will always answer the prayers from those who seek Him.


Open your hear and mind to receive the healing and blessings from the Holy Spirit. May the Holy Spirit bless you with His Divine Power. May miracles rain upon you and your family.


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774 Prayers Sent To Holy Spirit
Oswaldo Casas

[*Oren por Mí.- *Gracias.] ***Espíritu Santo, "Bienvenido a mi Vida".- *Protégeme, *Guíame, *Acompáñame.- Dame: "Paz & Vida en Abundancia" + "Pasión por la Vida & Propósito" + "Sabiduría & Prosperidad".- Gracias por Tus Bendiciones Amado DIOS & SEÑOR.-


Please pray for me as I fell & my feet are better but still hurting. Thank you!

NANCY Mayberry

Holy spirit pray for healing and miracles in my life. An heart Healing. In JESUS NAME AMEN

mary karatka

Dear Holy Spirit. Please send my daughter CF, and son, SK, back to me. I did nothing to make them mad at me. Thank you.


Holy Spirit please heal my son of all three of his deseases. In Jesus name amen!

Lennon Annette

Please oh Holy one release me from loveless married as I make my new diagnosis of breast cancer. Please heal me so I may continue to help special needs kids and Veteran AMEN


i pray for good luck in the workplace

Samantha Turner

Send In Your Prayers Below To Holy Spirit. May He Bless You With Miracles.

Samantha Turner

Send In Your Prayers Below To Holy Spirit. May He Bless You With Miracles.

Oswaldo Casas

***Almighty Father GOD in our "Lord JESUS Christ", *Gratefully to You, for all my Everyday Blessings, *I want to Thank You in advance, for the MIRACLE, I'm going to receive. Praise Be Your Holy Name my LORD. Amen.

Oswaldo Casas

***Almighty Father GOD in our "Lord JESUS Christ", *Gratefully to You, for all my Everyday Blessings, *I want to Thank You in advance, for the MIRACLE, I'm going to receive. Praise Be Your Holy Name my LORD. Amen.






Pray for all of my tests when I go to the Lab to be tested to come out good —normal. Pray fir all swelling in my feet and ankles to flee Mae’s body.. Flee all sickness and any infections in My body to flee my body..Pray for all sugar diabetics to flee Leon’s body..Please help Leon to gain some weight back because he has lost a lot of weight.. Pray for all evil enemies and dangers A to Z to flee Mae’s and son’s. - Leon. —Anthony. —And Leonard 24 hours a day and night.. Please keep Mae’s blood pressure to stay normal..Thank you

Jennifer Wint

Holy Spirit please bless me with a financial breakthrough, I need it to take care of all my bills and to help my son and his fiancé buy the house 🏡 we so in need of thank you oh Holy Spirit Holy Spirit


Get rid of this copd don’t want it. Take care of my family

Claudia Chappelle

Holy Spirit please please please hear my desperate cries that I hear from George immediately please place me deep in his heart and mind every minute of every day that he can think of nothing but me please remove Karen Painter FOREVER please that he loves wants and desires me deeply please intercede please hear my desperate cries please heal our relationship please grant us reconciliation please bring him back to our love FOREVER

Gregory Lane

financial break through mental peace and joy and protection over my grand children and family and devine healing from head to toe.

Kim Cordova

I need prayers for healing and for a financial breakthrough and also for my youngest son who needs a divine miracle for his situation.

Lani Segovia segovia

Need prayers for my niece who is in ICU with Covid-19 I believe in gods healing but need prayers god bless you all

Eric Ho

Healed me from anxiety and panic attack also my quick temper. Holy Spirit guide me to financial freedom to clear all my loans. I sincerely ask for wisdom thank you Lord


please pray for my heart and other sickness with diabetes.i don't feel good most days

debra a witmer

dear god take away my panic and anxiety attacks that are happening all the time. heal my body whole from my head to my toes. thank you

Jackie Schieszler

If been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which physician don’t seem to know how to treat. It is affecting my physical health. I need prayers for healing or to find A physician that treats it. Please,p pray for me. Thank you.

Jackie Schieszler

If been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which physician don’t seem to know how to treat. It is affecting my physical health. I need prayers for healing or to find A physician that treats it. Please,p pray for me. Thank you.

Susan B Walker

i’ve been so stressed out today trying to make my roommate understand what i was trying to tell her & i even yelled at her. it’s the only way i can make her hear me. i get out of breath & i’m tired i cannot communicate with her i’m wasting my breath on her

Tatiana Tagirova

To be cured from hereditary polycystic kidney dis-ease and for the kidney function to return to normal.

Jennifer Wint

Healing ❤️‍🩹 of my heart . Also to find the right house me and my son is seeking ASAP



Nina Wink

I need prayers for healing of cancerous cells for Willie DeWint. Prayers for protection and comfort for the rest of DeWint family. Cindy Gerhart for healing. Dennis and Dianna for healing and strength.

Jennifer Wint

For my son Derekke and his fiancé Gabby to get the house 🏡 they bid on oh Holy Spirit thank you

Katherine Zebell

Holy Spirit please bring all of my children and grandchildren back to God and to the church. I pray that they will all be baptized and be saved. I pray that my son falls in love and marry a good Christian woman. And for health , salvation, financial help and happiness for all our family. Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen

Eva D Durand

Praying for a financial miracle so I can save my home from being auctioned on October 5th.

June Arnett

I pray for all the people who are lost and ignore the Lord! That they will wake up and know the Lord is coming to get his people! That he Loves you I pray for the people in Afghanistan! The people in Louisiana and all the people who yell at me! For my child who is addicted to drugs that he will be released from the habit! That we find a home soon! ll pray for all my ebemies! Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers! Hallelujah!



Jennifer Wint

Healing of my heart,❤️ my love one Michael Anthony to be faithful to me and me only to be truthful and honest .


Dear God I pray once again to that u please bless me with a beautiful and loving girlfriend I'm tired of being alone with no one love and cherish my love with in Jesus name I pray for this blessing amen.

Jeanie Tinch

Healing for belly healing in two legs prayer for a financial miracle I have to take care of my family in jamaica and myself in America I don't have enough prayer to get a good sleep at night

Susan Beth Walker

Holy Spirit. Tonight. I want to lift 2 people in prayer. My current pastor has been exposed to Covid-19 & the second pastor is in the hospital in Houston. He was struck down by a car during his morning run He received facial fracture & he will have to endure 2 facial surgeries. My prayers are for his Healing. His name is Rev Stephen Rhoads

Oswaldo Casas

***LORD, Grant me: ​ "Emotional Healing". "Economy Restoration". "PEACE, LOVE & PROSPERITY". ***Thank You GOD.

Oswaldo Casas

***LORD, Grant me: ​ "Emotional Healing". "Economy Restoration". "PEACE, LOVE & PROSPERITY". ***Thank You GOD.

Sharon Stuart

please help blackie poo come home. please help him be okay. i love him very much. please don't let anything of happened to him. i love him so much. please holy sspirit help blackie poo be okay. amen.

Sheila Rowland

Dear God help me with my health

Ruben Sanchez

please pray for financial i really need help bad


Self esteem more understanding deliverance a place to stay finances unity respect

Jennifer Wint

Please Holy Spirit heal my heart ❤️ that is broken take away my pain that I cry no more .

Jennifer Wint

My son and myself to get the approval of the house we seeking ,also for my love of my life Anthony Williams to return his ❤️ love to me unconditionally love me truthfully.

Eva D Durand

Praying for a immediate financial miracle, asking that I be blessed with a miracle to save my home.

Terry Thomas

Father GOD i pray for a home for my family in JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN 🙏 ❤

Betsy Ferrero

Please heal me of stage4 cancer. Heal my children and their famili and s of their illnesses. Keep us all safe from covid and harm

Penny Powell

Maryann Kruskie

Healing of my husband's liver.

Cynthia Gayle smith

Greetings holy spirit please remove any evil or curses/blockages thats standing in my way of receiving blessings especially money, health, contests blessings pray for healing in my body breathing, bronchitis, sinisitis, chronic insomnia, my friend James healing of his breathing, covid pneumonia. Thank you holy spirit!!!


Holy Spirt Please heal my Lungs and the pain in my head Let me be able todo things for my self

Nina Wink

Please pray for Willie and Dean DeWint and family for protection and healing. Cindy Gerhart Dennis and Dianna for healing. Jim Harter healing and myself for guidance and healing. Please allow Dean and myself to have a relationship with your blessing. I. Your name i pray through Jesus Christ Amen

Eileen Snyder

Please Holy Spirit heal my back wound and my weak right leg in your holy name I pray. Help my daughter to get her disability this time and bring her back to the church. Bring all our children back. Amen.

Susan Beth Walker

Holy Spirit. I sometimes feel insecure as to whether I’ll be taken up in the Rapture or not & I don’t want to be “Left Behind” I do accept Jesus Christ as my Lord & savior & I always will With my short comings I know I’m NOT worthy So I humbly come before You to ask to be accepted into paradise (Heaven)

Richard Siangco


Heal my son and my wife


Thank you lord for blessings me be there for me please have the soldiers come back home Save all the sick children to heal give us peace give our enemies peace give us to give thank you lord in the name of yehoshua


Please bring our lost cat Bobby home!! 🙏🏻


Fill me and my family to overflowing with the Holy Spirit.


To help the wonderful man that I help take care of he is very sick. Amen

Era Raxsdale

Help my family

Patti Capp


Keep me and my son covered in the blood of Jesus. Help me to beautify my flaws help to correct my imperfections. Dear Lord cleanse my heart mind body and soul grant me wisdom knowledge and understanding of the Holy Spirit. Dear God heal my body from all diseases please Lord. God help me to forgive those who hurt me talked about me and completely broke my heart. Help me to leave when it's time. Help me to not seek revenge because of they're wrong doings and bad intentions with my heart. Help me to recognize the real from the fake. Dear Father God I pray that one day one day my dad's prayers will be answered. God send someone like you into our lives. Someone who loves you like I do. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy I pray this prayer to you in your almighty name Amen


Please Lord give me good news that i am staying in my dept at work.

Elizabeth Anna

Breathe fresh new and everlasting life, light, and vitality into our relationship of love. Heal us, make us whole, and join us in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. Protect us from all evil influences and shower your heavenly graces and bountiful blessings upon us. You, who are all love, be the nurturing and steadfast foundation for our relationship and for our blended family now and forever. Amen.

troy kleffner

Please help my sons foot injury heal as good if not better then before he broke it

Georgina Granados

Cúrame las pompis amén Bendiciones

Patricia Youngerwilhelm

I pray for good health for my family. To better our lives. Pray for a end to COVID-19. Please help our marriage to come together. Please pray for my husband get closer to Jesus the Bible and praying. Pray for those that need a blessing. Pray that we all get closer to Jesus. Help us to walk his way. In his direction

Mary Gonzales

Holy Spirit please heal my grandson from his drug addiction. Amen ❤️🙏🏼

Mary Gonzales

Holy Spirit please heal my grandson from his drug addiction. Amen ❤️🙏🏼

Jeanie Tinch

Healing from financial stress

patricia crawford shull

i need something so powerful every week to talk on the radio that peoples lives will be changed healed and saved and they believe in god

Mary hansen

for my family

Candace Reeder

For our children Sean & Sydney - to be delivered from the evil influences in their lives, return to the Lord, and be reconciled with us. For my kidneys to be restored to healthy functioning and any cancer be wiped out of my body. For husband Tom, that he may receive restoration of health. For the eyes of the blind in this country to be opened, to see the evil that is being perpetuated, and the people will turn back to their Godly roots so our country may be saved.


Please pray that my four children will reconcile. Please pray that my husband and I will live a long and healthy life and pass on same day. Please pray that my broken foot heals up quickly.

Maria Chavez

Praying to get closer to God

Lilian Geronimo

Prayers for my family and love ones that there will be a continuous love peace compassion trust and let be God as the center of our lives. Please we implore for good health and spare us from Covid virus or virus-free. That have a safe trip in coming home Amen

Jennifer wint

Holy Spirit please clear the path of obstacles that’s keeping me and my son from getting the house we seeking to buy . Also pls Holy Spirit send me a true honest loving companion to truly love ❤️me I am tired of being lonely and hurt .

Karyn Nolan

Please help me loose weight it has affected my health


Please heal me. 🙏


To get my sales manager job back at Cirque du Soleil in Orlando

Joan Pierre

Digestive problems for Joan. Need healing

Rosalie Mazzonne

Please please pray for my 2 Special Intentions! Thanks be to God! Let us pray to the Lord!🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️✝️

Margaret McFarland

Holy Spirit, please heal my husbands shoulders and let us be able wean our foals safely.

Elaine Spangler

Please pray for my health

Kathy kocisky

Pray for my continuous healing of my ovarian cancer and to be in remission for many years and for my son to heal his heart and love himself and do well in college and find a good job and be healthy

Jon James

I pray that my wife may be healed with all that is wrong medically with her and that i too may be healed medically with all that is wrong with me Amen 🙏🙌❤😊☺♥🙏.

Dolores Garcia

please my precious holy spirit be with my son, steven, who is under going heart procedure today. i ask that you be with my son christopher, who is across the world working. please keep him safe and return him home safe. please cure my granddaughter emily from her diabetes. i thank you for always listening to my prayers. i love you!

Mike K

Currently in the trial of my life and need relief. Please release me from this situation.


please holy spirit help me with my anxiety and health. i need a blessing and healing. amen

Judith Florence blondin

for my lungs to get better and my brothers cancer to go away!


Please pray for my son Adrian that his health gets better from Covid-19 Lord please put your healing hands on my son .🙏 IN JESUS NAME 🙏


I am waiiting for test results from a breast biopsy that I had last wrek! Praying that I do not have cancer! Amen and bless the Holy spirit#

Mary Gonzales

Holy Spirit please heal this Sciatica pain that my daughter and i have. Amen ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

Lorraine Grigo

Protect my family and grandson and all my friends!!




Let my daughter and her 2 precious sons get thru a difficult divorce quickly and let her keep all she has worked so hard to build her life emotionally and financially.

Donna Guravich

Help Spirit please heal this world from this evil that has overtaken our whole world. Please let good overcome the evil that is running rampant. 🙏

Virginia Newton

I ask you, Holy Spirit, to heal the malfunctioning of my body as I grow older. I don’t mind being slower and weaker, but fear the loss of my mobility. So I ask for this complete healing in the faith that you can and the hope that you will. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Martina Rodriguez

Please save my grandson from his addictions and afflictions and going up. Please heal my brother from his illness and send him a kidney soon. Please heal my daughter and granddaughters from their illnesses and afflictions and diabetes. I pray for healing for all my family and church. I pray for financial help for my family. Amen amen 🙏

Peggy Egan

Healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Vindication if it is God's will

Lisa Chudnovsky

Dear Holy Spirit, Please help my daughter get better. Help her mind and body heal. She wants to live the life Christ intended for her. Amen

troy kleffner

Having financial trouble please help

Raphael Perez

Please pray that my marriage is healed and restored and my wife, Anita, returns to our marriage from North Carolina.

Sandra Howard

Please let me get healthy. Please let me get Financially successful. Please bless my family and marriage. Please let me know how to do my job very well. In Jesus name I pray...Amen

Michael Russo

I pray to the Holy Spirit to heal my 29 year old son Michael who is suffering from HLH/MAS. I pray that the Holy Spirit enters into my son and destroys his infection keeping him infection free, I pray that his blood clotting factors go up, his hemoglobin, platelets go up. That his immune system starts to work to help fight off these infections and that his kidneys begin to function again. I pray that my son can be healed of all of his Medical issues by the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus Holy Name Amen 🙏🏻

Frank Mcginley

Had my left kidney removed due to cancer and will not need chemo or Radiation treatments


Holy Spirit help me with my light head Amen

Joseph Greaver

Dear Holy Spirit bless my and my family with good health let all be close please let my business be successful thank you

Maria Elena Rios

Lord Jesus Christ may your healing hands pass over myself and all my family that need your healing


Lord please bless My family Please bring us good health and good fortune

Vida Boatemah Owusu

Total healing and restoration for Silas mensah Jessica Asamoah Samuel Essien, Kelsey Adem Benedict Duncan and vida Boatemah Owusu. Financial breakthrough for owusu Gyasi family.

Annette Walker

Prayer for my great nieces and nephews in the passing of their mother Janice Nicole Tyler Cole. And for each one of those family members Semons, Russ, Peterson, Walker, Faynne, Sruggs, Clarke, Mitchell, Richardson, Jackson, Lewis, Milton, Butler, Barr, Burt, United States of America, every church that's open in Christ Jesus Holy Name, All Crossed The World, In Christ Jesus Holy Name Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen.

Healing from anxiety and depression 🙂

Erica A.

I pray for healing of my relationship with my ex Jason B C. Bring him back to me and deliver us from all evil and temptation. Prayers for my life career, finances,.health and , my family/loved ones. Almighty God, Amen.

Sandra Robinson

My pray is that the holyspirit would come into my life and family life and save us.Want to get closer to tofather the son and Holy Spirit Amen


To make a genuine connection with my soul mate for life. The time feels right.

Carl royal

Lord, I pray that you will cleanse and heal my Mama’s body of cancer. You are the doctor and I praise your holy NAME.


I ask with deep gratitude for help with my anxiety and chronic pain🙏🏻🙏🏻 I also ask the Holy Spirit to look upon my grandsons and help with a solution to the very bad living situation they deal with. They are such good boys and need your help desperately! In Jesus’ name I pray🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Amen

Edward soliz

Holy Spirit protect my family


I pray for my family and thank God every day how blessed I am and great full for everything I have what I can do and my job and my husbands business he’s started

Cordy Fortunado

Pls protect all my family and loved ones and bless us all with good health, long lives, peace and unity in our family, happiness, success and prosperity. For the souls of our faithful departed, especially the souls of Francisco Ll. Fortunado, Francisco E. Jumao-as Sr., Eusebia L. Jumao-as, Rogelio L. Jumao-as, Mariquita L. Jumao-as, Francisco L. Jumao-as Jr., Oscar L. Jumao-as, Apple Grace R. Jumao-as-Palabrica, Susana C. Chavez, Alberto N. Chavez.

Diana Trojanowicz

My prayers for my son Nick who was born with a condition called neurofibromatosis he’s finished his radiation treatment and we are waiting for a CT scan next Wednesday, 29 September 2021 when they do do the CT scan they will not find a tumor we pray that that you’re Lord has healed him and his removed the tumor

Corazon Basuil

O Holy Spirit I need your healing power to heal the Arthritis on my both knees. I have difficult time walking and standing.

Augustine Owelle

Healing and prosperity

Felisa Uyan

Holy Spirit please heal me of my allergies which is disturbing me every day especially in my both hands and feet. Thank you Holy Spirit I claim it now . Amen


God please bless my family, friends, and me. Protect us from those that come to rob, kill and destroy. Throw your arms of protection around us, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

NANCY MayberryHo

Holy Spirit Take Karma away from our family. BLESS us With lottery. To help my family in JESUS NAME.

Carol Yastremski

To pray for my brother in law that he gets well and my sister who will go into remission from her cancer. Our Father who art in Heaven . Hallow be thy name . Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from Evil Amen

Felipe Mora

Susan Beth Walker

I read my Bible almost every night But I still have dreams that scare me sometimes I’ve reading the Psalms One dream ended with me falling into a deep ditch after a very long walk. I try to read my Bible every night But sometimes I’m so exhausted that I can’t stay up too much longer

Marisol V.

Dear holy spirit, Please help my husband find a better job where he is happy and can achieve what he would like. Help him to stop drinking and heal me so we can have a baby and so the ivf works. And please protect my family and all people who are struggling. And eliminate racism and hate and all those poor babies without a home. Please hear my prayers god father almighty.

David Sedillo

I asked the holy Spirit to heal our bodies to heal our infirmities and to lead us into a spiritual life



Jeff Litman

Please Holy Spirit bring healing to my son and family. He’s been through so much.


Holy Spirit guide me in all that I do and say AMEN 🙏 thank You 🙏


Holy Spirit guide me in all that I do and say AMEN 🙏 thank You 🙏


For my husband Sabie have a successful surgery filled with peace and health with no pain and an easy recovery with everything benign.


Please bring Zane back to me. He will ask me to come home and work things out, in Jesus name I pray. Amen🙏Please I ask you we will get back together🙏


Please bring Zane back to me. He will ask me to come home and work things out, in Jesus name I pray. Amen🙏Please I ask you we will get back together🙏


Please bring Zane back to me. He will ask me to come home and work things out, in Jesus name I pray. Amen🙏Please I ask you we will get back together🙏


Holy Spirit please heal me from illness. Please please.. I am not ready to leave this earth yet. If I am healed I will make it known to all!


Please pray that my sister Kathleen’s heart gets stronger and kidneys heal🙏. Pray that her heart surgery goes well 🙏🙏🙏

Jeannine Griggs

Make my husband feel stronger.Thank you

June Knesel

Dear Lord please help this anxiety and panic attacks stop it is so hard everyday 😪 I pray all day and all night for relief. In God's name I pray 🙏 Amen

Renee Zamora

I pray for Love for one another for our world to come together as one and stop the fighting and unnecessary drama . To live in peace and harmony with one another. To help one another above all TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER as God LOVES US ALl and wants us to be one big happy family❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Deadra Brumfield

Need prayers to heal my body

Ricky a lodrigue

I am in need of a financial help to pay my debts off and For a stimulus check to come in

Marie Paen

Peace to my son Alex in mind, heart and soul. Peace to all my loved ones and those I don’t love as I should, peace to Sweetie and I and the souls in purgatory, thank you God, help us to get to heaven. Heal my friend Marilyn M.


Please pray for reduction of peripheral neuropathy nerve pain or something better thy will be done

Steven McGee

I need miracle to 2 eyes 👀 to see much better after 2 cataract surgeries. And also I have vertigo for 5 years and 5 months and suffering and very frustrating. I need your prayers for me. God bless you. Thank you.

Benny Cung

Protect my family from bad military

Raphael Perez

Please Holy Spirit, heal and restore my marriage so that my wife returns to our marriage from North Carolina. Whom God has joined together, let not man put asunder.

Rinette Madore

help me pay my bills, help me with my loneliness, help me with my friends,help me with my weight and health. thankyou holy spirit

Cathleen Butler

I pray that God will bless me a good man and a Christian handsome, healthy man with a good honest income with a nice car and lots of love and respect for me and my family


Health and healing

Elaine Spangler

Please pray for my health

Marisel (Maria Isel) Vega

I know God gates me but please God for the sake of my sons amd my mother please that money come in so I can pay my bills amd feed my sons. I beg you for them please. I know I am worthless human being and a sinner, but please for them. I beg you.

Darlene Dilimone

I pray for my health, and the care for animals

Margaret Gross

Pray for an end to abortion. Pray for my family. Pray for the poor souls. Pray that I do Gods will. May God forgive me my weakness.

Mona T Faltin

Please Holy Spirit pray for me. Help me to get out of those fear n depression

Judy Sabino

I pray to the Holy Spirit each morning. Please heal my son of his drug addiction. And heal both my son and daughter of their deep depression. Help them both to enjoy their lives with God as the center and with their children. Keep them safe from harm and to obey the Ten Commandments. 🙏♥️🙏♥️


Prayers for my grandson to starts behaving


That I will receive SSI and be healed in my body now. Lots of money come to me now and my three daughters and son be heal in they stomach now. Lord bless my mom to see again receive her sight back in Jesus name amen amen

Gloria Saldaña

Please Holy Spirit, come with your splendor of your beautiful love and heal my sister Lupe of her grave health problems. Uplift her spirit and faith. Also I pray for my niece… she is in a place of darkness and no longer desires to live. Great Holy Spirit, you pour into us the Breathe of Life. You are the Love of the Father and Son, Jesus… please bring your Light to her and help her return to the path of Christ. Amen.


Holy Spirit heal the pain and suffering I am going through. This is too much pain to bare.

Cheryl Turnbow

May God help me to unafraid of the vaccine. Thank you God all you do for me everyday?

Sherry Townsend

that my family stays safe and healed in jesus name

Kathleen Hopkins

Dear Holy Spirit, Please rid my head and my body of the evil disease Multiple Sclerosis. It was not welcomed into my body or my head and it needs to be thrust out of my body and head and sent to where evil lives. I respectfully, humbly and sincerely request this petition from my heart. In Jesus's Name. Amen.

Janet Cortez

I pray that my family and my self get closer to GOD. And financial breakthrough and career to please guide me in my decision and that he is always there. Fir me and my family. To always provide us with good health

Emma Del Castillo

Please pray for my daughter Debbie she is in hospital and myself I fell had hip replacement and four days later pelvis surgery I’m in Rehab at pres

Oswaldo Casas

"Almighty GOD in our LORD JesusChrist", *Hallowed be Your Name.- *I'm Grateful for all my Everyday Blessings.- *Please, Grant me: "DIVINE WISDOM, INTUITION, ENCOURAGEMENT, ENTHUSIASM & PROSPERITY".- *Thank You so much, our Mercyful LORD & GOD.-

Oswaldo Casas

"Almighty GOD in our LORD JesusChrist", *Hallowed be Your Name.- *I'm Grateful for all my Everyday Blessings.- *Please, Grant me: "DIVINE WISDOM, INTUITION, ENCOURAGEMENT, ENTHUSIASM & PROSPERITY".- *Thank You so much, our Mercyful LORD & GOD.-

Sabita Narinesingh

Dear Holy Spirit, please help me to get my driver’s license as soon as possible. Help me dear Lord to be financially stable. Help me , my husband and all my kids with their family to be healthy and strong. But most of all help us all to follow you. Show us your ways and your will, so we can all abide by your grace. Thank you my precious Holy Spirit , we love you. Amen.

Janice Courson

For my son to come off of ventilator in hospital, and return home healthy.


Come holy spirit warm my son Leo and Amber heart heal her Amen

Nina Wink

Please pray for Willie and Dean DeWint and family for protection and healing.. be with Cindy Gerhart Dennis and Dianna and myself. Jim harter for healing. In your name through Jesus Christ Amen

Nina Wink

Please pray for Willie and Dean DeWint and family for protection and healing.. be with Cindy Gerhart Dennis and Dianna and myself. Jim harter for healing. In your name through Jesus Christ Amen


Having car problems. Please Holy Spirit help me get to my destinations.

Andres Perez

Dear Holy Spirit I pray for healing for my son's mother who has cancer I pray that tomorrow when gets results back on Cat scan that her cancer is not there there anymore or that its not spreading in Jesus name I pray amen.

Ronda Cureton

Pray that you remove all bad courses and bad luck from around this family , I say this in Jesus name Amen

Estella Alvarado

I need prayer to believe in the resurrection and crusifixion of the bible and for the miracles and healings in the bible so I can get saved or else I won't be able to and it is scary to me I pray and everything I still have a problem to believe have any advice for me to do besides pray.

Lillie Hayes

That God will lead and guide me in all truth. And save and protect my children and grandchildren from all evil. And that I will walk in my calling in Jesus name


That I my lead in the lord and have intelligent mind


thank you for answering my prayers.

vera Grant

I just want to thank you Holy Spirit for all you have done for me in my life thank you for healing me from the top of my head to the sold of my feet help with my finnacy I need help in every area of our life

Andres Perez

Dear God that you bless me with a girlfriend I feel so lonely without someone to love and have a good companion so please bless me with a girlfriend. In Jesus name I ask amen.

June Arnett

Holy Spirit please touch all who gain by Evil and change their hearts. Please remove them from power positions! Heal my son! Heal me! Thank you! Please send me a Miracle Holy Spirit, my son and I both need separate apartment or Mobile homes! We are both disabled and in wheelchairs! I am in a nursing Home and am being verbally abused and neglected, he is homeless and he lost his toes and a leg at the first of the year! Again Thank you!

Barb Segler


Lydia Cavins

Sending prayers that I get the loan for my house

Lydia Cavins

Sending prayers that I get the loan for my house


Peace health abundance and restored dignity please

John Johnson

Dear God help me to understand and apply the Holy Spirit in my and my families lives. Amen


Help me get through with the death of my husband Bob we were married 51 1/2 years and I just can’t seem to get on without him please help my daughter Rochelle she is going through so many problems right now with her sons girlfriend and her mother please let them reconcile I put my trust in my face my love when you d


Holy Spirit come heal me from animia in Jesus Name Amen 🙏❤️⛪️😇📿✝️🩸


Please bring Junior inside the house to stay!


Please bring Junior inside the house to stay!


Please bring Junior inside the house to stay!

Joyce Carroll

Pray for the total RESTORATION of my hearing! I LOST ALL HEARING in BOTH EARS over 22years ago. I have a cochlear implant but I still can't understand what is being said. I use a speech processor to hear anything at all and need to watch TV with captions. Can't really understand message at church service EITHER, cannot UNDERSTAND PRAISE music. THANK THE LORD FOR CAPTIONS ON MY CEL PHONE.

Mayfield Tanya

To feeled with the holy spirit for to come into heart have his way for him to work in me

To be closer to God to be transformed for God to take charge of my life I surrender all to God bless me with your spirit take control of my mind my heart my spirit my soul have your way Lord in Jesus name amen

Katy Brown Brown

Pray me my family's peace mind finances place to stay heal sick safe virus whole take shot

June Arnett

Please pray for my wayward son to get off drugs! His name is Michael Please pray for my over all body healing! And for us both to find housing! He is homeless and I am in a Horrible nursing home We both want individual apartments! We are lowi income! I am searching for Section 8 HUD housing. My car was stolen and we are both disabled. He lost his toes and his left leg at the first of the year! Thank you and God Bless you!

Marylin Marquez

Please keep me healthy. Help me to be pure, show humility, kindness and always trust in God. May the Holy Trinity Bless me with goodness and have Mercy on my soul.


Holy Spirit heal my body from animia Amen


Holy Spirit heal my body from animia and pour your Holy Spirit on my family Amen 🙏✝️😇📿⛪️❤️🩸

Barb Segler

Please help me I'm suffering im soo sick💔😭💖💐🌸🌹🌷🌹🌺

Melva Flores

Come Holy Spirit and Kindle the fire of your love in the Judge for Pedro Jose Flores to release him from Texas jail and send him home to Indiana to live with family come Holy Spirit .

Barb Segler


please bring junior home,inside for good...


Holy Spirit I’m I need of healing due to animia and to heal my kids and grand kids that need healing due to illness also remove what doesn’t belong in our life’s Amen 🙏✝️😇⛪️📿❤️🩸


I would like to ask pray for me and my husband us married my husband been see someone else and he hurt my feelings so bad and broke my heart we been together 12years I wanted him back in my life and change and fix the problem he betrayed me please pray for me to forgiveness and peace I love him very much and I’m not go through divorce him no..please pray for us save us married please... thank you...pray for us.


For the power of the Holy Spirit to be released into my life.


To help and make a miracle to my son as soon as possible right now please help him on everything Holy Spirit he needs u now and always

Della Prudhomme

Please heal my back issues and allow me to walk straight. Heal Josie's cancer issues and give her a longer life with her family. Heal my grandchildrens issues and bring them back to the LORD. Heal all issues with the COVID-19 virus and get rid of it. Please bless all people and bring them LORD back in our lives.

Della Prudhomme

Please heal my back issues and allow me to walk straight. Heal Josie's cancer issues and give her a longer life with her family. Heal my grandchildrens issues and bring them back to the LORD. Heal all issues with the COVID-19 virus and get rid of it. Please bless all people and bring them LORD back in our lives.

Sandra Goerner

Prayers for my husband's condition stays well 🙏 Prayers for his machine to work well so he can sleep well at night 🌉 Prayers for his therapy goes smoothly so he can be able to walk without a cane 🙏 Prayers to give him peace and not to be so nervous 🙏 Amen


May my sisters improve dramatically & God allow her recover & enjoy a few more years of life...& May my health remain good so I can help my family as needed. Amen

Lisa Chudnovsjy

Dear Holy Spirit, Help us find physicians that will take care of my daughter. Amen

Margarita Villanueva

Betsy Ferrero

Heal both of my children of their heart problems and stomach problems.Heal my husband of COPD.Heal me of stage 4 Cancer.Amen

James C Walker

Father please forgive me for my sins as I have forgiven those who have sinned against me. Father please heal our land and remove all sickness and disease from Shannon, Freda, Kim, Keith and my bodies. Please Restore our health. Father I ask for Financial security and independence in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Father I ask for a female mate companion and helper to live with me in a Condo on the beach. Father I ask you to go before me and straighten out problems and issues that might cause harm. Father I ask you to heal all past and present relationships, Tina and I, David , Justin, Grandchildren, Daughter-in-law‘s and I. Debra and I. Kim and I. Father I ask all of this in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I cover this prayer with the Blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. I am open and receiving all of these Blessings today, this very moment. In the name of Jesus. Amen!!



Vera jones


Belinda Pollard

Praying for healing my husband JoeP sisters Ann Cyn Ronnie Dothory and Belinda

Piliana ADOLPH Adolph

Dear Holy Spirit, By faith I know you understand my problems better than I do. I have relationship problems in the whole family. I need your help. I have only 3 children, they're grown ups, they have children. Relationship between my husband and I also is in a mess, I leave everything to our Creator, which you are His helper. Thank you VERY much. In faith I trust in the Father through you, the Holy Spirit Amen

Eva Miller

That I pass my housing inspection.

Ruben Sanchez Sanchez

i really need financial help really bad right now plus pray for kidney i really need right now am sick of dialysis please help me.

Betty Johnson

My children Monica and Gerald needs Salvation Prayers for my grandchildren and Prayers for my health I can't sleep at night due to stress anxiety diabetic arthritis and financial situations. I'm a tither but I'm in debt


please holy spirit mark need your help and guidance and healing. thank you.

Sandra Tauzin

Holy Spirit I need your help please I need financial help I pray we receive stimulus checks for low income and people on Social security Ssa Ssi, I need to move in another place that’s safe and on low monthly notes an fha home please help me find a home and get approved also my son Kelly return him to me with my grandchildren all of them return my granddaughter Trista that she can respect me and stop hurting me that Tonya my daughter can respect me and stop lying on me and stop making fun of me. I ask that Trista keeps her bedroom set her mom just got this now they want to sell please make them keep this and learn how to treasure what they have. Stop being evil. Make my friend Christine Guidry to call and apologize to me I pray my prayers will be answered also healing prayers for me in Jesus name I pray Amen 🙏🏻

Barbara Williams

I pray tonight that God will put love in Dennis heart for me and he will want only me and thay my daughter marrage will be put back together

dorothy kramer

please keep me and my family i,n good health and heal us from any sickness amen

Angela Haynes

Holy Spirit, please watch over my family and all families in need of your healing graces. Please intercede on our behalf to somehow bring us back home. Amen thank you!

Paulina Medeiros

I ask the Holy spirit to bless me and my loved ones. I ask for protection against all enemies. I ask for favor and blessings and a prosperous, healthy and a life filled with Love

William Bush

I pray for me my wife all our love ones an friends healing gods blessing an protection over us,in Jesus name,


I’ll need help with monye to being my boy friend home may god help me with it thank you Jesus


Please prayer for me & my Children’s healing & Protection

Irene Ybarra

Healing for me n may my job be lighter from doing mens work n my grandson behavior decreases n may he find happines

neil mitchell

prayers for my brother

Deadra brumfield

A cure from cancer for everyone

Victoria Burkart

pleaseholy spirit help my son david heal him from this drug addiction and for my niece dada lay your healing hands on us.i pray for healing also. thank you may he bless us all with miracles thank you holy spirit.

Karen nolan

Please please help me loose weight it is affecting my health

Sandy Eno

Holy sport please take my dizziness away

Barb Segler

So full Of Anxiety &depression. Please I need Peace Soo LOST 💔💔💔💔💔💔🍀

Margaret Ebler

Prayers and miraculous healing’s spiritually mentally financially and physically for John Junior Concetta Giovanni Savanna myself and my friends and the end of Covid and any other diseases in our world amen

Ida Garc

Praying for my brother Johnny that he get better and comes home amen

Franklin Allen

That I would find peace with God and that I will find his forgiveness ....and pray for my kidneys that God will bring healing to them.. please pray for our world.


Prayer to have peace with my niece's and nephew's who hates me


Healing for my girls, physically and spiritually. Healing for myself in body mind and spirit


Healing for my girls, physically and spiritually. Healing for myself in body mind and spirit

Darlene Walling-Barrett

I pray that I get out of this situation that I am in now, with whatever is God's will

Fernando Reyes

Holy spirit I pray to you tonite for healing of my heart And help me and my son Ferni to be safe on this trip To bring us back safe home AMEN

Carlos Melendrez

I need prayer I need salvation I need more humble in me I don't do drugs I don't smoke I don't drink I need more of god I am at the end help me


Answers to my prayers for peace, abundance and health for me, my husband and kids please

Noelia Leal

My arthritis and everything that sick inside me

Fatima Ioane

Jesus please have mercy on me and my family. Heal. Me thank you Jesus Amenbnb

Elida corona

God bless me with your prayers you no what I need for me to be happy in my rest of my life amen

Elsie Faria

Dear Holy Spirit, bless my family, bless my children and their families. Guide us to always want you in our life as you are the keeper of the world. You are the holy and just one and the one who cares for us. Amen

Chana Small

My prayer request is to ask God despite my sins is to heal me from my past my childhood trauma and grieving and among other demons I'm fighting am trying so hard to stay encouraged and and stay in prayers God has brought me out of fear I was living in fear for 8years isolated myself where I didn't want to be around that I move to a knew place,I'm in school struggling but I'm going to achieve my goals God has brought me from a mighty long way.i was drowning with the sharks.i was lost and damaged.But God Grace and Mercy kept me.also pray for my siblings and especially my brothers troy and George.and the broken and the lost I also wana pray for my friend Norma and Keli.and pray Peace.AND STOP THE HATRED AND RACIST.

Estill HensleyMa

May the holy spirit come on me and fill my heart and mind with Love I have never felt I pray the chains of bondage are broken and I am free That I have a new energy and health Thank you Lord

Yolanda Torres

My grand niece is so sick they found water in her lungs, I pray for healing power over remove the water out her lungs. Only Doctor Jesus can do this….in his holy name Amen 🙏🏻




Praying for my health and my kids health also renewed our mind body and soul we all need new jobs amen

Gracie Espinoza Espinoza

pray for my mom her legs are red and feet.. pray for me for healing..and.. for housing

Barbara Zarycka

pleas holy spirit heal me from smoking and drinking. and my family. thank you.

Donna Renz

You know my prayer

Johanna Page

Healing for my daughter and son and me too.

Anthony R Telles Sr

Help Me keep my Diabetes under Control. AMEN 🙏


Lord Jesus hear my cry. Heal Althea and Charles Smith from COVID-19. Both fully vaccinated and now have Covid. Give them strength, taste buds, detox inside and outside body, appetite strength, healing inside and out Of the body by your stripes there lol Jesus Althea and Charles Smith are healed. In Jesus name I ask and pray. Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Daniel Joyce

Please Holy Spirit heal my daughter and me from our sickness. Her Severe Chrohns disease and ( me) Cancer. Please give me direction in my future choice s for employment and living location. Thank you Jesus!


Unspoken Prayer request

Anita Purdie

I praying with all my heart fir a healing for my husband Jeff let him be whole again so he can continue to help others. Praying for health of mind, body and soul of my family keep us well and safe. We believe in you Holy Spirit. Have mercy on us. Hear my prayer. Amen

Lillian Morris

I pray that the Holy Spirit heal my body and no illness or disease manifest in my body, my husband's and my family's body in the name of Jesus.


Prayers for my Family please.

Libby Weston

I pray 🙏 for good health, for my family and friends as well as the entire world in Jesus name AMEN


Financial miracle

Daisy Sauls

Lord need prayer for my brother the toll him he have one year to live and been sick to and my friend in priosn wait till get out on Nov of the year he need prayer to to home to him family to prayer from. And me to and my great great granddaughter to AmenAmen


Healing from lung cancer also a financial blessing

Maureen Owens

come holy spirit fill the hearts of your faithful. please bring junior home inside. thank you.

Nancy Verdichizzi

Please keep My husband Joe healthy. He had a kidney transplant and is having some problems. Thank you 🙏 🙏🙏🙏

Bettie cosby

Need body healing

Cynthia Williams

Father God please bring this family back to get her wach on my son and daughter keep them in the pone of your hand keep working on me heal my body lord give the strength to walk again in your son Jesus name I pray Amen

Christina Portis

Please Holy Spirit I pray for healing from Covid 19 for myself & my husband, and also please heal my copd , my panick attacks and my Anxiety! I ask this in Jesus name Amen

Ora w. Jones

Bless me holy spirit, and heal me with my love ones Tha.nk you for loving me, and my love ones. Bless and protect 🙏 my grandchildren, and I ask that you heal me in Jesus name 🙏 Amen 🙏


Heavenly farther cover me with your holy spirit and heal me right now and Jesus name 🙏 amen

Kathy Lee

Rhonda Rhonda

Wanda Ruffin

Deliverance & healing from uncontrollable movements in my legs and mouth


Healing and deliverance for my daughter Natalie., for her safety and for her to come back to the Lord. Healing in my body. Thank you.


That the man I am in love with (Steve) return to me with a loving heart for God and for me. I know we belong together .


For all children to become a family again and to forgive each other and quit drinking alcohol Amen


Sweet Holy Spirit, Please Heal My Body, and Bless Me With A Financial Blessing Today. Able My Son To Call Home Today. Holy Spirit Speak To Me Today. Please Let Me Feel Your Spirit Today. Touch And Help My Son Timothy Give Him Peace, Hope, And Joy. Please Send Me Some Money Today.

Lucy Deyapp

Full healing on my body! AMEN


Save marriage

Michelle Acon

Please lift me in prayer that i get my disability. Im only 54 and in such poor health. Please pray God restores my body back to health and i remain cancer free.I had a back and neck injury that left me limited in what work i can do. Thank you in advance. God is good.🙏🏻

Anna Wilson

It would be a great BLESSING to pray for my family to feel better & my son 41 yrs old to stop drinking! He is a severe alcoholic with other mental issues, he doesn’t know how to stop! I have Covid & desperate to feel better so I can go on living! PLEASE AMEN


Jerry to leave me alone always. LeArn my new job 100 percent and make it to work on time on the bus.get money for new car now and pass my first drivers license infection in my body ever.never have corona virus.have perfect vision now and a millionaire now and a Christian husband love loyalty respect laugh provider veins in my legs ever.get money for new furniture in my living room a millionaire now and always.keya healed from schphronia now and a millionaire now and always

5,240 Prayer Requests
Dirk den Dulk

How do I connect with my angels? can I send a mail to a certain address and if so which one?

Betty McElwee

I thank you for everything I have and I want to pray for every one who needs one

Betty McElwee

I you for everything I have and I want to pray for every one who needs it Amen


I need direction in my life to make the right choices to have a better functional, financial, harmonious life.


I just had hip surgery and asking for healing.

Albert Arroyo

Thank you God for all you have given me. I believe you are with me & know what I need. Thank you God for giving me what I need & taking out what I don’t need. Thank you fir answering my prayers 🙏🏽

Albert Arroyo

Can I please ask for prayer for a blessed relationship with my new friend Wanda.

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