The Power of Chinese Coins in Bringing Wealth and Protection

Feng shui focuses on bringing positive and benevolent energies into your home and life via symbolic symbols. Coins from China are one of these. You’ve probably seen these coins strung together with red rope and wondered what they mean if you’re interested in feng shui. Chinese coins are potent and meaningful amulets that can be utilized to attract riches, good fortune, and prosperity to your home.

Chinese Coins and Their Meanings

Because coins were formerly used as currency in ancient China, it’s only natural that they’d be associated with riches and abundance. Along with the pearl, lozenge, stone chime, rhinoceros’ horn, mirror, book, and leaf, all symbols of good fortune and prosperity, they are regarded as one of the Eight Treasures.

The shape of these ancient Chinese coins is circular, with a square punched out in the center. The coins’ forms have a lot of meaning. The court symbolizes the impact of the heavens on the earth, which is represented by a circle.

There are a variety of coins that have been produced in China during its history. The following are the most popular:

  • The Han Dynasty’s Wuchu coin
  • Dynasty of Tang and the Songs
  • Coin of Kang Xi

Chinese coins are usually strung together with a red or yellow ribbon or rope on the wall. In feng shui, red represents vitality, protection, and life force energy. The color yellow is both fortunate and associated with the royal court.

How to Feng Shui using Chinese Coins

Activate the Area of Wealth

You can use Chinese coins to activate your home’s riches area. Standing in front of your home’s front entrance and peering in will reveal the wealth area. The home’s wealth-related location is located in the far left corner. The riches area would be in the southeast if you used the standard compass approach.

The Entrance

In feng shui, the front door of your home is essential since it is where the energy enters your home. The family can attract wealth and prosperity by carefully placing a pair of Chinese coins knotted with crimson ribbon above or near the entrance door.

Successful Career

Your workspace, such as your home office or desk, is a reflection of your job and financial success. It makes a lot of sense to use Chinese currency and feng shui to attract good luck and energy into these undertakings to help them succeed. Try hanging a ten-coin set behind your chair or at the office entrance on a red or yellow cord at the office entrance. Because the ten coins represent the emperors, they are invited to bring in trustworthy sources.

Incorporating Other Wealth Symbols 

To increase and encourage prosperity, abundance, and good luck, you can also mix Chinese coins with other feng shui symbols (such as elephants, the mystic knot, riches gods, and so on). The feng shui is frequently found.

Your Money

Your wallet is linked to your wealth because it is where you keep your money, credit cards, and identification. To attract abundance, put some Chinese coins in your wallet. Ensure that your wallet is in good working order (or, better yet, get a new one!). Keep your money and cards in a neat place.

Chinese Coins in Your Hands

Coins from China can be used as effective amulets for both wealth and protection. When the coins are placed on a scarlet string or a gold necklace, they are intensified even more.

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