The Year of the Water-Tiger: Influence on Wealth & Prosperity

The year of the Water-Tiger is 2022 and it has a huge influence on wealth, luck, and prosperity. Water Tiger runs from February 1st, 2022, to January 21st, 2023, and lasts for a year. Furthermore, this year occurs every 60 years.

In the year 2022, the lucky zodiac signs are the ox and goat. If you were born in the years of the Rat, Snake, Monkey, Pig, and Dog, you’ll have to put in a lot more effort to obtain your goals. This year, the inhabitants of the Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, and Rooster are destined to have a happy and prosperous existence. In the year of your birth sign, you must wear red to bring good fortune.

How To Invite Good Luck and Wealth To Your Home?

Bringing in the Water-Tiger figurine or even the color scheme of it into your house decorations could bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity for years to come.

Furthermore, becoming fortunate involves adorning your home with kumquat trees (symbolizing prosperity and good fortune), wearing your lucky color, and eating lucky foods like rice dumplings (for family unity), fried flour-coated peanuts (for vitality), walnut cookies (for happiness), and so on.

The five components of the Tiger (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth) are used to create the Water-Tiger. Due to the Tiger’s favorable signs, 2022 is the Year of the Water-Tiger, which indicates a successful year (strength, wealth, good fortune, casting away negativity or evil, and braveness).

The word “water-tiger” in the year 2022 refers to caution, growth, development, challenge, innovation, and planning.

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