Wealth Insurance – The Number 7

In Chinese Philosophy, the number 7 is one of the luckiest numbers. Have you ever wondered, why are there seven wonders in the world? Seven days a week? It’s because not only in Chinese Philosophy but also in other religions that the number 7 is considered holy or sacred.

In Numerology, the number 7 is the only one between two and ten that is neither a multiple nor a factor of the others

Now, why does number 7 bring wealth?

  • It is sacred.
  • It attracts wealth, fortune, and prosperity, because of its sanctity.

How to bring instant wealth with the number 7?

  • In your home, practice owning seven things of each item. For example, 7 pairs of shoes, 7 pieces of bag, or 7 pieces of accessories – owning this will attract wealth, prosperity, and fortune.
  • In lotteries, try owning any number that starts with 7. For example, 7, 17, 27… and so on. Some lottery winners have a belief that you must own a number that starts with 7.
  • Believe in the power of the number 7.

The number seven brings wealth if you practice it regularly, and holistically. Do not forget to believe in its power! 

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