Wealth & Prosperity: The Meaning of the Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that dates back to ancient times. In feng shui, we use a variety of symbols (both Chinese and non-Chinese) to purposely encourage particular energies into our houses. The Chinese drew inspiration from nature in their daily lives. Feng shui is really about interlacing the real plane into the metaphysical plane. Many of the symbols we use have a direct connection to nature, such as plants and animals. A mandarin duck, which is associated with Asian culture, is one such symbol.

Symbols frequently have multiple levels of significance, and we may learn a lot from them. They can be incorporated into your home in a variety of ways as well. Art or other decorative artifacts can be used to incorporate a feng shui symbol into your home.

The Meaning and Symbolism of the Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks belong to the variety of aquatic birds known for their brilliantly colored plumage. Their feathers are the most colorful and regarded as the most lovely. A pair of mandarin ducks is a common motif in Asian art, appearing on vases, fabrics, screens, and sculptures. Other decorations, for example, the lotus for peace, the double happiness symbol for joy, or other good luck symbols, might be used with the ducks.

Mandarin ducks are usually sold in pairs because, in Asia, they signify and invite marital happiness and fidelity. Mandarin ducks are considered to be lifelong partners. The two love birds get so devoted to one another that if they are separated, one of them may die of despair.

Weddings are regarded as one of life’s most auspicious and joyful events in most civilizations. In feng shui, the couple is said to get a limitless amount of fortunate qi on their wedding day (life force energy). A pair of mandarin ducks is traditionally given to a couple on their wedding day in Asia for good luck and conjugal happiness.

How to Utilize Your Mandarin Duck

The first thing to do is to get your Bagua map which is an energetic mandala layered on your home’s floor plan, which is a technique used in feng shui. The Bagua map is made up of eight areas arranged around a central point. Kun, which is associated with love and partnerships in Chinese, is one of the most known areas of blessings. Pink, the yin earth element, and the feminine element are all associated with this location.

To find this region, stand in the front entryway of your home and look inside; your Partnership area is in the back right corner of the entire floor plan. If that’s too difficult to figure out in your home, you can utilize the Bagua map in your bedroom instead. Bedrooms have a more regular shape and are also your most personal place in the house. You’d follow the same steps as the others. Stand in the doorway of your bedroom and look into the room; your Partnership area is in the far right back corner.

A pair of mandarin ducks can be used to activate this Partnership area, which will support the harmony, longevity, and consistency of your existing partnership. You can also employ the mandarin ducks’ sign to energize this same Bagua area to attract a long-term life partner.

The most common type of mandarin duck is a pair of colorfully painted and carved wood ducks. You might be able to find a pair made of semi-precious stones if you look around a little longer. This Bagua position and application have mild and gentle energy associated with pink rose quartz. 

You might also look for a pair fashioned from a red crystal, like a carnelian. The color red represents the fire element, which supports the earth, and the Partnership area represents earth energy. In any case, attempt to buy a new pair if at all possible, as this will bring in new vitality. Using space clearing instruments, you can also ceremonially clear the energy associated with a secondhand pair.

The pair is crucial if you’re putting something in your home or giving it as a gift. Only one pair is required. People often believe that the more the better, but in feng shui, less is usually more. Stay tuned for more!

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